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What's wrong with Dubrovnik boat tour scene?

Dubrovnik boat tour scene is dominated by a few big businesses which run the same itineraries and visit the same spots. Many places are crowded and turned into tourist traps.

About this tour

This tour is a unique mix of adventure, relaxation and authentic local experience away from the crowds.

I don't visit crowded, touristy places.

I’ll take you to undiscovered locations where you can enjoy both privacy and spectacular nature.

Swim and snorkel at my favorite spots, visit my island home, eat home cooked food, and hear stories what it was like growing up on Elafiti Islands.

About me

My name is Niki, I'm 31. I have a degree and lifelong experience in tourism.
I grew up on Elafiti Islands, swimming and boating all summers long. I am very knowledgeable about this area, it's people, history, culture and wildlife.

In 2018 I quit my job at a tour company and I started this business. My goal is to provide you with unique local experience you can't get elsewhere. I will personally guide you on this tour and show you the best parts of my homeland.

Activities & Itinerary

Sea Activities

Secret Cave

This is not the Blue Cave on Kolocep island. That one is overcrowded and I consider it a tourist trap.
The cave I’m taking you to is undiscovered, bigger and visually more attractive than Blue Cave.

The cave opening is narrow and almost submerged. We'll jump off the boat and snorkel into it. I will get in first and help you.
The seafloor is white sand which is illuminated in teal color by the light coming in from the entrance. The inside of the cave is big enough for 15 people and is not claustrophobic.

Private Beaches

Visit secret beaches that can be only be accessed off the boat. These places are unknown to average skippers. They are hidden from plain sight. Most of these beaches have pine trees to hide from the sun. The water is shallow and clear. These are great swimming and snorkeling spots.

I'll put the necessities (towels, beer, phones, sunglasses..) in a floating dry bag and take it to the beach. Once you're there you can enjoy privacy, lay in the pine tree shade or go snorkeling.

This is great opportunity for you to relax with your loved ones in peace. I can also move the boat around the corner so you can enjoy absolute privacy.

Kolocep Island Caves

The caves on Kolocep Island are an interesting thing to see. It took nature thousands of years for nature to carve them into the island's rocky coast.
Beside the caves there are fissures, cracks, cliffs and other interesting geological formations.
Swifts and swallows make their nests in the cliffs and you can see them flying in ad out.

This part of Kolocep Island is where the Blue Cave is. It is very crowded so I suggest we cruise along and go for better options.

Cliff jumping

There are a few very good cliff jumping spots I can take you to. In order to get to them, we'll have to climb some rocks. Nothing spectacular, but you'll have to be somewhat fit in order to do it. I'll be there with you to show you how to do it safely.

In case you're a family with children I can take you to family friendly safer spots from which I used to jump when I was a kid :)

Fresh seafood tasting on the boat

I will do some free diving and catch us some local delicacies. I will give you a presentation about it on the boat and then we will eat it.
Very unique, local experience.


I will take you to my favorite snorkeling spot. I've been vising this place since I was a child.
I can tell you all about the sea organisms which live there.
It is a natural habitat for various small fish which live there. The rocky sea floor acts as a hiding place from bigger fish.
A small moray eel lives in one of the holes and you can occasionally see her resting on the sea floor.

Island Activities

Visit my Island Home

Visit my grandparent's house and relax on the terrace. The terrace has the best sea view and it is covered in thick natural shade. There's also my grandfather's woodworking shop you can check out.

You can walk around the house and check the gardens. Depending on the season, you can pick the fruit which grows there.

We will sit in the shade, enjoy the view, grab a drink and I can tell you all about my culture and what it is like to live on the island.

Mojitos at my Terrace

I used to work as a bartender and mojito is my favorite drink. I think I make really good ones but I need your opinion. :)
Btw, I grow my own mint specifically for this purpose.

I will make you a mojito, give an , tell you about the island and then you can continue chilling on the terrace, go for a swim or continue with the tour.

Olive Oil Presentation

Sipan Island is the largest of the Elafiti Islands. It has been center of olive oil production in Dubrovnik's history.

I have an olive grove and make my own olive oil. I make it using traditional method so it's taste is very mellow, without bitter aftertaste.

Once we're at my place I will give you a presentation about the oil and then you can have a Sipan Island olive oil tasting.

Optional: Lopud Island

Lopud island is a overcrowded tourist trap. I leave it as a possibility if you like touristy places with crowded sandy beaches (Sunj beach), pizzerias and restaurants. I don't think it's worth it.

Cliff Viewpoint

First stop is Kolocep island. We’re going to walk a bit (5 minute walk) to get to the best viewpoint at islands forest park. The viewpoint is overlooking island’s cliffs, rocky beach cave, turquoise water, pine trees and local football field. Birds nest at the cliffs and fly in and out constantly. Undiscovered area with barely any other people.